Nut Butter Zimt Snickerdoodle und Cardamom
Die Konsistenz sowie der Geschmack sagt viel über die Qualität und das war hier in allen Punkten einfach nur Top gewesen. Das kann ich nur weiterempfehlen und werde mir das definitiv wieder bestellen.

- Yuliana -

Nut Butter Coffee Java
My absolute favorite!
I would give it 11/10 actually.
The Coffee Java Nut Butter is my new go to topping for porridge and pancakes.
I absolutely love it!

- Hannah -

Granola Spread Cardamom
Delicious, just like all the others :)
This tastes great and the Cardamom works really well in this.
- Oliver Grünler-
Granola Spread Cookie
Just what I've been looking for
This is absolutely delicious and just what I've been missing in my morning Porridge.
- Oliver Grünler-
Granola Spread Chocolate
This is one of my favorites!! I really love the consistence of this "Müslicreme". Not only delicious on a porridge but also on a pancake or just on a bun. Finally my husband found a healthy chocolate creme. :)
- Kristina -
Nut Butter Zimt Snickerdoodle
I love it as a tipping on my porridge!! It's so delicious. Sweet and at the same time a little bit salty. Loving the taste!
- Kristina -

Nut Butter Zimt Snickerdoodle
Very very tasty - currently the topping of our Sunday pancakes.
For cinnamon lover just the right thing - yummy!
- Nadine Leue -

Nut Butter Zimt Snickerdoodle
I've tried a variety of cashew, almond and peanut butter products but this is another world. The taste is exciting and delicious. I've especially enjoyed it with fresh fruits and on a croissant. Nice texture too! I only wish the jar was larger to hold more product :)
- David Gardner -